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Recent Art
Deadpool X-Mas
Deadpool X-Mas by IanLammiArt

Family Force 5
Family Force 5 (Signed) by IanLammiArt

Red Hood and The Outlaws Panel
Red Hood and The Outlaws Panel (Water Color) by IanLammiArt

Ryuu Art

OC Art/Fan Art
Ryuu Shidoku OC by IanLammiArt Ryuu Shidoku Chibi by IanLammiArt
OC Ryuu Shidoku Ref by IanLammiArt Ryuu Shidoku - Chibi by IanLammiArt
Ryuu Shidoku OC by IanLammiArt Chibi Commission: Ryuu Shidoku and Kirsten Leenan by Cifix
Ryuu by Katrina-B-S CW Ryuu Shidoku by XxKikiKreationxX
Commission 1 For ianjarold1 by cracker-crumbs R: Ryuu by ani-kii

Point Commission Examples

Recent Art
Ryuu Shidoku - Chibi by IanLammiArt Finn And Jake - Chibi by IanLammiArt It's Like that - Commission by IanLammiArt Kristen Leenan - Commission by IanLammiArt Andy - Commission by IanLammiArt Ebony Chibi by IanLammiArt The Monster Chibi by IanLammiArt

Point Commission Info (CLOSED)

Point Commission Info
So I can no longer accept commissions until my winter break and for those of you who had commissioned me I sent you back your points. again I am sorry that I wasn't able to finish them and I hope at some point I will be able to re open my commissions and maybe at that point they will be better then before. (I hope so since I'm in University for illustration...)

SO I've decided to start taking point commissions! But because of school and such I'm just going to be taking Chibi Point Commissions right now. So let's get into this!

What type of Point commissions am I taking? I'm taking chibi point commissions and this is the style of chibi I'm doing them in:
Finn And Jake - Chibi by IanLammiArt Andy - Commission by IanLammiArt

How much does a chibi point commission cost? Currently I'm only charging 25 points!!! That's for a full digital chibi, with a clear background! For more on how much it'll cost I'll get into all that in a bit.

I will only be accepting 5 commissions at a time and won't accept more until all those are done, also it will be a first come first serve thing unless I've seen you try several times and haven't been able to make it, at that point I may make an acceptation.

5. (CLOSED):

First chibi will cost 25, and a second one in the picture will cost 15.
A clear background with a simple ground comes with the chibi, if you want a more detailed background it will cost 15 more points.
I will only draw humans, if you want something like an anthro or animal let me know and we'll see if I can do it for you, though it may cost a bit more.
What I will not do. READ THIS BEFORE ASKING!!! I will not do: hentai, yuri, yaoi, nudity, gore, or mechs (just cause I can't draw robots...)

Once you know all that now you can commission me! Just copy this stuff below and answer them in a note to me:

DeviantArt ID:
Character Name:
Character Personality:
Pose: If there are any specific poses you would like send me a pic or tell me.
Background: clear or detailed
Character Reference (Just because it'll be helpful):

After you Note me this info I'll respond to let you know if you got a spot or not and afterwards you will need to send me the points.

25 for a single chibi with clear background
40 for a single chibi with a detailed background
40 for two chibis with a clear background
55 for two chibis with a detailed background

I look forward to working with you all ;)



IanLammiArt's Profile Picture
Ian Lammi
Artist | Student | Other
United States


Ian Lammi
Artist | Student | Other
United States

I'm 18 years old and currently live overseas in the country
of Turkey. I'm an artist getting ready from entering an
illustration program at college so I have a lot to learn
in a year before that happens. I'm also a competitive
yoyoer and am currently the 2nd best yoyoer
for our city and 13 for the country, and I also dance in
hip-hop style (though I'm not that good) as well as a videographer.



Journal Entry: Tue Oct 28, 2014, 4:43 PM
I got tagged in Haiyaku-art's Journal and I've never been tagged in one of these before as far as I can remember so here it goes! 

Rules: 1. Write 10 things about yourself.
          2. Answer the questions.
          3. Make another set of questions.
          4. Tag people.

Things about myself
1) I am shy at first but I LOVE to talk with people (so if you want to talk let me know and I can give you my KiK or FB) 

2) I love all types of art and mediums though my favorite medium is pencil or ink and then markers or colored pencils for coloring

3) I actually really dislike digital art... •-• I know that may sound weird, but I just can't get used to doing it and I don't have nearly as much motivation to do it as I do my traditional art

4) I am currently not attending school and instead I'm working so I can pay for school next year (FYI I'm 20...)

5) I will be attending The Joe Kubert School Of Cartoon And Graphic Art Inc. (The Kubert School) next year so that I can learn all I need to know to become a cartoonist (comic artist)

6) My long term goal is to move to Japan and work for either Weekly or Monthly Shonen Jump, my short term goals are either to work for DC Comics on Batman, Aquaman, or Red Hood And The Outlaws, or to work for Oni Press (the company that published Scott Pilgrim) on my own series

7) I love watching TV and movies and will often do so while working on art. My current favorite TV Series are Arrow, The Flash, Sleepy Hollow, and Doctor Who.

8) I prefer audiobooks over physical books since I can work on other things while listening to them. I am currently working through The Mazer Runner series and A Song Of Ice And Fire series (the series A Game of Thrones is based off of)

9) I use Instagram more than I do any other social media so if you have it and want to see my art on a regular basis add me on there! My ID is artful_thinking
10) I am currently working on my own comic which I'm currently calling The Morium Chronicles (the name is still subject to change) and I have the first chapter roughed out. I only need to get feedback from friends and a few professional comic artists I know and then I will begin to ink it and color it in!  

@Haiyaku-art :iconhaiyaku-art: Questions;

1) Are you a day or night person?
A night person! though I used to be a morning person... It changed to night when I never got the alone time I wanted cause my mom was always up by 6:30 >.> and yeah that wasn't happening....

2) What is your favorite weather?
Dreary or Snowing! I love both snow and rain. So I'm either moving to Seattle or Minnesota later on in life :3

3) What is your favorite takeaway?
You mean like fast food?... Cause if so it's probably Arby's or it's something like Wendy's or KFC

4) Why did you start drawing?
Because I've always done it... But I started getting serious because of watching anime and reading manga.

5) What is your favorite website?
Um... •-• Hulu? DeviantArt? or FaceBook?... I'm not sure actually. (If this were an app it'd be Instagram...)

6) What anime character do you relate to the most?
Probably Nizuma Eiji from Bakumqn or Mashiro from Bakuman (I LOVE Bakuman)

7) PlayStation or X-Box?
Niether! I prefer my Nintendo 3DS and my Laptop with Steam xD

8) Are you confident, shy, or both at times?
More on the shy side in person... but I can both at times. Though I love to talk with people, just have a REALLY hard time initiating it.

9) Do you like to cook for yourself or do you prefer others to cook for you?
This is hard! (•-•;;) Um I do like to cook for myself because I know that what I make I'll most likely like, but if I only ate what I cooked I would be SOOO unhealthy >.< (yay for mom's cooking)

10) Do you want to art trade with me?
Sure :D (Though I have been recently on the raw end of art trades... cause no one I recently did an art trade with finished their halves •-•)
(Couldn't help but ask that last question xD)

My questions are as follows!:
1. What caused you to start drawing and or why did you get serious with your art?
2. Do you have any fit ire plans for your art?
3. Do you have an Instagram or PaigeeWorld account you post art on?
4. Who are some artists you get inspiration from or you look up to?
5. What is your all time favorite anime and what is your favorite anime that's currently airing?
6. Favorite art medium to use?
7. What's your number 1 comfort food?
8. Have you ever been to any conventions? If so which one(s)?
9. What are (did) you dress(ing) up as for Halloween?
10. If you got to choose some fan art I did what would it be of? (I'd love to know an anime, DC or Marvel series, and a tv show or movie)

Anyways, I'm going to tag:

:icona-lasting-dream: :iconcrazyshiro: :icondtor91:
:icondespereaux-7: :iconanzuangel:

  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Instagram notifications
  • Watching: Sleepy Hollow
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros 3D
  • Eating: it will be ice cream or pop corn later Òu&#21
  • Drinking: Water

Friends To Check Out

Friends To Check Out
:iconmagiiipoo: My friend Aimee does some awesome art and has a very unique and cute style so be sure to check her page out and share the love!

:iconphyredeiter: Look check out my friend Kinzi's photography and art! She's super talented and deserves to bee seen! So go check out her stuff and support her!

:iconsydnorn: Check out my friend Noah who takes AMAZING pictures and is a very creative person. Be sure to check his stuff out and possibly even give him a watch!


Go check out mi-ya-ka raffle! 

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